If you ask Google how to “build a booty,” you’ll get tens of millions of results, most of which involve spending hours upon hours lifting weights. But what if you don’t have time to hit the gym daily or don’t particularly enjoy sweating out a slew of booty-building exercises several times per week? 


Good news: You can still get the gorgeous, curvy derriere and slim waist you crave without waiting months or even years for painfully slow results to show up. 


How? With a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure (aka a BBL). This outpatient surgical procedure works to give you the sensual, curvy silhouette you’ve always wanted, and the best part is, results come rapidly. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in your silhouette within a matter of days. 


How does a Brazilian Butt Lift work and what can you expect? Let’s take a look! 


Your Consultation

Before scheduling your BBL procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Balgobin, a.k.a Dr. BBL, one of the most well-known, board-certified cosmetic surgeons in the industry. This pre-procedure meeting is required, so you and your surgeon can discuss your aesthetic goals and medical history. 


During your consultation, you’ll learn about the procedure in detail, address any concerns you may have regarding the surgery, and review expectations, post-operative care, and the recovery process. Keep in mind that not everyone is an ideal candidate for the BBL procedure—you and your surgeon will determine if the surgery is appropriate for your current state of health and aesthetic desires.


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The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure: How It Works

First, you’ll be given a general anesthetic to ensure you are completely unconscious during the surgery. Then, your cosmetic surgeon will begin the procedure with All-Inclusive Lipo 360—a transformative liposuction procedure designed to contour and shape the front, back, and sides of your midsection. 


Phase 1: All-Inclusive Lipo 360

This phase of the BBL involves removing excess adipose tissue from your entire midsection. The tissue acquired during this process will then be re-introduced into the buttock and hip areas to build a fuller, curvier, more lifted derriere.


During All-Inclusive Lipo 360, your surgeon will use a specially designed vacuum to remove fat from specific areas around your midsection, slimming your waist and enhancing your body’s natural curves. Unlike traditional liposuction, which targets very limited areas, 


Lipo 360 creates an ideal balance throughout all areas of your torso to achieve beautiful, natural-looking, contoured curves.


Phase 2: Tissue Purification, Fat Transfer, and Sculpting

After your surgeon extracts the excess adipose tissue from your midsection, he’ll then purify it before transferring the tissue into the hip and buttock region. 


Depending on your desired look and the details you discussed during your consultation, your surgeon will inject purified fat tissue into specific points in your buttock region. The fat transfer phase of the BBL procedure is what ultimately increases the volume and improves the shape of your buttock and hip area.


Phase 3: Post-Procedure Rest

The entire BBL surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and generally requires approximately two to four hours. At Arijai Aesthetics, we offer a unique perk as well—the option to relax and recoup in our luxurious, onsite Recovery House. There, you’ll receive highly attentive and compassionate care, meals, and support after your procedure.


BBL Aftercare and Recovery: Dos and Don’ts

After you’ve had some time to relax in our Recovery House, you’re ready to head home! We’ll send you on your way with detailed aftercare instructions, as well as your own Booty Buddy pillow to support and enhance your recovery. 


Recovering from a BBL takes about six weeks, and during that time, you’ll want to practice the following aftercare dos and don’ts to encourage optimal tissue healing and results.


What To Do After a BBL

Your cosmetic surgeon will send you home with a list of specific aftercare instructions, but as a general rule, here’s what you SHOULD do while recovering from a BBL:


  • Sit on your Booty Buddy pillow. If you must sit on your buttocks, sit on a special pillow that minimizes pressure on the areas that are healing. You’ll want to sit this way for several weeks after surgery.


  • Wear your compression garment as instructed. You’ll go home with a compression garment, and it’s very important that you wear it according to your surgeon’s instructions. Generally, that means wearing it 24/7 for roughly three weeks after the procedure.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your BBL results can last indefinitely if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, choosing healthy, whole foods can also boost your immune system and help your body recover optimally. 


What Not To Do After a BBL

To help ensure your body heals optimally after your surgery, here’s what you should NOT do after getting a BBL:


  • Do not put pressure on your buttocks. Your lower body will need several weeks to heal from the fat transfer, and putting pressure on the area can negatively impact your final results. 


  • Do not sleep on your side. Lying directly on your side can put a lot of pressure on your hip area, so do your best to avoid sleeping in this position. Instead, lie on your stomach or sleep at a 45-degree angle (where most of the pressure is on your thigh and lower stomach). Sleeping on your back isn’t ideal either, since it does put some pressure on your rear end. 


BBL Recovery Timeline

While individual recovery times vary according to personal biology, you can generally expect to feel improvements in discomfort and swelling within a few weeks. And because it may take your body some time to adjust to the fat transfer, it may be several months before you observe the final results of the procedure.


For a more in-depth breakdown of what you can expect after surgery, check out What To Expect for Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift


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