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Female Rejuvenation Services in Minnesota

As your body changes over time, you may notice changes in your vagina, as well. As you get older, your estrogen levels will begin to decline, and your vaginal walls will begin to experience reduced volume and thinning. This can also cause decreased vaginal lubrication.

Natural hormonal changes, childbirth, and menopause can all play a role in your vaginal physiology. All of this can have an effect on your sexual comfort and satisfaction. Over time, you may also find all of this discomfort affects your sexual desire.

CO2RE Intima Laser is a therapy which can stimulate collagen production in all areas of your vagina. Increased collagen growth can help you with vaginal lubrication, urinary continence, and sexual pleasure and performance. This process stimulates your body on the cellular level with no downtime.

Contact us to learn more about how female rejuvenation with CO2RE can help you more fully enjoy your sex life!

How Feminine Rejuvenation Works

The CO2RE Intima laser works by delivering its energy deep into the targeted area of your tissue. This allows you a large surface area treatment without a lengthy recovery time. 

After application, your intimate area tissue becomes more lubricated, restoring your body’s correct vaginal pH. This also helps reduce your risk of infection.

The CO2RE Intima process also works to thicken the epithelium through the stimulation of collagen production. The renewed tissue is more elastic and more toned. This can help you restore your sexual pleasure and desire.

Our sensitive and caring feminine rejuvenation experts enjoy nothing more than helping our patients reclaim their desire and confidence. Connect with our skilled experts for a free virtual consultation, or contact us at 952.435.0605 to begin the journey toward increased pleasure and satisfaction.

What to Expect During Female Rejuvenation

The female rejuvenation process is a simple, in-office procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. No incision is needed as this is a completely surgery-free procedure. 

The CO2 fractional laser gently works to create micro-lesions on the vaginal walls. This helps stimulate collagen production in the vaginal and urogenital structures. You will experience results after only one treatment. 

Each separate treatment stimulates a tissue regeneration process that lasts for several weeks. You can expect to experience little to no discomfort with your laser procedure. Our female rejuvenation experts can speak with you to help you develop a treatment program that works well to help you achieve your desired goals. 

Contact us for a free virtual consultation and discuss any questions you may have. 

Benefits of Female Rejuvenation With CO2RE Intima Laser

The CO2RE Intima Laser gives you the results you’ve been wanting without surgery or medication. From increased sexual pleasure to aesthetic outcomes, our intimate rejuvenation team can help you feel more confident and happier. 

Increased Continence

Millions of women know the pain of being afraid to laugh too hard or sneeze in public. Female rejuvenation can give you back your confidence by giving you back continence and control when sneezing or laughing. 

Increased Tone and Tightness

Vaginal tone and tightness can impact your sexual pleasure and ability to achieve orgasm. CO2RE stimulates collagen production inside and outside of the vagina to help you achieve the tone and tightness you desire. 

Improved Sexual Satisfaction

Hormones, childbirth, and the natural aging process can all take their toll on your sexual interest and satisfaction. Stimulating your body’s collagen production can encourage your body to be more responsive. 

Take back your sex life by enhancing your sexual pleasure!

Improved Outer Pigmentation

For some women, darkened skin pigmentation in the vulva/labia or perianal tissue areas can be a source of embarrassment. CO2RE can lighten this skin, evening out your skin tone to create a more balanced appearance.

Increased Vaginal Lubrication

Decreased vaginal lubrication can significantly impact your personal comfort as well as your sexual desire. Laser resurfacing treats vaginal dryness and helps restore your body’s natural comfort. 

Tightened Intimate Area Skin

Loose or lax skin in an intimate area can be a source of frustration. We can tighten up intimate area skin around the labia, clitoral hood, and fourchette regions using CO2RE laser resurfacing. 

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