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How Does Sculptra Dermal Filler Work for You?

As our bodies age, our tissue can lose its volume, contributing to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One of the causes of this volume loss is a loss of collagen. 

Collagen creams are marketed with the promise of restoring collagen, but the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the barrier of your facial tissue. Ingesting collagen supplements orally also fails to deliver collagen to where it is needed to restore your facial tissue volume. 

Unlike these other treatments, Sculptra works by stimulating collagen growth, which can help restore the volume of your face and smooth out wrinkles and lines. Your results will appear gradually over the course of your treatment plan, which usually takes about three injections over a period of about three to four months. 

The results are much longer lasting than those of most dermal fillers, which last up to two years. 

The Sculptra Process

A Sculptra Aesthetic-trained physician will administer a series of injections over the course of several months. Our specialist will inject the treatment into the deep dermis where your skin’s structure is supported by collagen strands. 

As your treatment continues, your body will begin to reproduce collagen that has been lost over time, creating a reinforced collagen structure that will give you a natural, youthful appearance.

For most individuals, the Sculptra process takes an average of three appointments over the course of three to four months. Depending on the amount of collagen that has been lost, your individual needs may vary. 

Our professional aesthetic experts can help you create a unique plan based on your personal collagen structure: Contact us for a virtual consultation and to learn more about how this plan would work for you!

How Collagen Works

Collagen is one of your skin’s key structural components. It works to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful. However, throughout your adult life, your body’s collagen production will begin to slow. By the time most people are 40 years old, they have experienced as much as 20 percent collagen loss. By age 50, you may face up to 30 percent collagen loss. 

Facial aging can vary from one person to the next and be influenced by a wide range of external factors including environmental influences and internal factors, like genetics and individual health. Unlike resurfacing, fillers, or surgery, Sculptra works to help your body rebuild and restore its own collagen over time, giving you a more natural and lasting result.

Our Sculptra specialists at Arijai can help you start rebuilding your collagen and begin the path to a more youthful appearance. For a free virtual consultation, upload your images and speak with our experts about beginning your Sculptra treatments. 

Target Areas for Sculptra Dermal Fillers

Because Sculptra works by helping to rebuild the structure that supports your skin’s shape while keeping it cushioned, lubricated, and hydrated, it works best when applied to certain areas of your face. 

Our aesthetic experts can combine treatments to create a program that works best to suit your unique needs and physiology. 

Smile Lines

Sculptra works well for treating smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds. Sculptra helps your body support natural elasticity in the deep folds around your mouth so you can laugh freely without feeling self-conscious about your collagen loss. 

Parentheses Lines

Parentheses lines, or marionette lines, are the lines around your mouth. These lines framing your mouth become more pronounced over time, making you look older. Sculptra helps your body to create the collagen you need to minimize these lines. 

Chin Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles on your chin can be a cause of frustration and draw the wrong kind of attention. Sculptra can help with shallow or more pronounced wrinkles in your chin area, providing lasting results rather than a quick fix. 

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