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Reveal a Fresher You With Dermablading

If you struggle with unwanted facial hair, you know that waxing does not help much when it comes to removing peach fuzz – the fine vellus facial hair that covers most of your skin. Dermablading, also known as dermaplaning, is a technique that rapidly exfoliates your skin without the need for any chemicals or products. 

With dermablading, our cosmetic dermatology specialist uses a medical-grade stainless steel blade to apply delicate pressure, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells along with your peach fuzz. After gently shaving the outermost layer, your skin will be smooth and clean, a perfect canvas for makeup application. 

Dermablading can also soften visible signs of aging as well as surface pigmentation. 

Results From Dermablading

The smooth skin that results from the dermablading process will last for several weeks. Dermablading pairs well with other treatments, especially the sensitive peel and LED phototherapy. 

You’ll get the best results with multiple dermablading sessions. Sign up for a free virtual consultation to learn more about our pricing on packages, and to find out how dermablading can help you put your best face forward. 

The Benefits of Dermablading

You’ll immediately notice a more even skin tone and texture after receiving a dermablading treatment. Dermablading will leave your skin with a healthy, beautiful glow for up to four weeks. 

Better Makeup Application

When you apply foundation and powder to your skin, peach fuzz can often stand out visibly. After you’ve undergone dermablading, all of those tiny little hairs will be gone, which means your makeup application will be smoother than ever for a flawless finish. 

A More Effective Skincare Treatment 

Traditional skin care treatments have trouble penetrating past the outermost superficial layer of your skin. Because your healthy skin is no longer hiding under a layer of dead skin cells, your skin care treatments will be able to more deeply penetrate your dermal tissue for better results. 

Complete Hair Removal

After your treatment, enjoy smooth skin completely free of peach fuzz. It is a common myth that shaving fair hair will cause it to grow back thicker and darker. Hair thickness and color depends on your hair follicle, which cannot change. Your hair will eventually grow back the same texture and thickness as it was before at the same speed it always has. 

Softer Fine Lines

Accumulated dead cells can accentuate and draw attention to existing fine lines. Dermablading can actually work to soften the appearance of fine lines. It won’t help when it comes to deeper wrinkles, but it can create an overall smoother complexion. 

How Dermablading Works

Dermablading is a relatively quick cosmetic dermatology treatment and can be paired well with a wide range of treatments. The dermablading process is completely painless; You will feel the scalpel’s feather-light strokes across your skin, but it is a painless procedure. 

Many patients describe the experience as being similar to the rough feeling of a cat’s tongue! 

Your skin will feel smooth right away after the treatment. It usually takes between a half hour to 45 minutes to complete the process without any additional treatments added on. 

Contact our team to learn how dermablading can help you get the bright, glowing skin you deserve!

What to Expect With Dermablading

Most people are candidates for dermablading, regardless of skin tone or hue. Dermablading works well for individuals with extremely dry skin in need of hydration, damaged skin from the sun, or dull skin in need of stimulation. Dermablading is even a good fit for individuals with sensitive skin as the blade glides over your skin gently without penetrating deeply into your tissue. 

You may experience mild redness directly after your exfoliation or you may experience no side effects at all. There is no downtime involved with dermablading, which means it may be possible to schedule your dermablading treatment in the middle of a busy day and get right back to your regular activities. 

After your exfoliation treatment, your skin will be especially sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, and you will need to wear sun protection.

Our cosmetic dermatologist professionals at Arijai love to help you get the fresh, glowing skin you deserve. Sign up for your free virtual consultation to learn more, or contact us at 952.435.0605 to begin your dermablading treatment. 

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