Sunny swimsuit season is here! But what if those weight loss resolutions you made back in January aren’t giving you the results you crave? Will you be ready to hit the beach when those bikini days roll around? 

At Arijai Aesthetics, we know building a beautifully curvy, swimsuit-ready figure can be a long, arduous challenge. Fortunately, we also know we’ve got the perfect solution to get you beach ready in a fraction of the time. 

It’s called All-Inclusive Lipo 360, and if you’re ready to achieve a stunning transformation, this procedure might just be your newest best-kept secret.  Discover more about our Lipo 360 approach and how it can help you create a body you love to show off! 

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 (sometimes called 360 liposuction) is an all-inclusive liposuction procedure that removes adipose tissue from the entire midsection to create a contoured, shapely stomach, upper hip, mid-back, and lower-back area. 

During the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon removes fat from the upper and lower abdominal area, left and right flanks, middle back, and lower back. Because the treatment encompasses your entire midsection, the final result is balanced and aesthetically appealing.

Even better, unlike traditional weight loss methods, liposuction literally removes unwanted fat cells from your body. 

On the other hand, diet and exercise only shrink fat cells as your body burns off the excess fat within them. Worse, those shrinking fat cells can refill if you’re not constantly diligent.

Ask yourself: Are you willing to put in all that effort just to shrink your fat cells, or would you rather get rid of them for good? 

Traditional Lipo vs. All-Inclusive Lipo 360: What’s the Difference?

If you’re familiar with traditional liposuction, you likely know the procedure targets only specific areas at a time. Wherever you’d like to remove stubborn adipose tissue, your cosmetic surgeon addresses each area individually to create a smooth, aesthetic contour.

Unlike traditional liposuction, which focuses on a singular area, Lipo 360 tackles multiple areas to slim the entire midsection and reveal a more defined, contoured waistline.

Rather than addressing only the front of your tummy or tackling your love handles, your cosmetic surgeon delivers smooth, beautiful contours by removing unwanted tissue from your: 

  • Upper and lower abdominals

  • Obliques

  • Lower waistline

  • Mid and lower back areas

To sum it up, All-Inclusive Lipo 360 is a much more comprehensive procedure that addresses the entire midsection – all 360 degrees of it. 

How Do You Qualify for Lipo 360?

When you visit us for your initial consultation, Dr. BBL will discuss your individual needs and unique goals for your physique and determine if you’re a candidate for the procedure. He’ll then work closely with you to design a custom treatment protocol to create the stunning curves that best enhance your natural figure. 

To learn more about candidacy requirements, feel free to review the All-Inclusive Lipo 360 overview page on our website. 

Of course, if you do have any specific questions or concerns, you can always reach out to the Arijai Aesthetics team, and we will be happy to help in any way we can. 

Preparing for Lipo 360 

Before beginning Lipo 360, your cosmetic surgeon will administer general anesthesia to ensure you’re unconscious during the entire procedure. He’ll then proceed with the liposuction process, removing fat tissue from areas of the midsection that contain an excess. 

At Arijai Aesthetics, we are all about ensuring you feel comfortable before, during, and after all of our cosmetic procedures. So, we will walk you through the process during your consultations and on the day of the treatment. 

Typically, the surgery takes four to eight hours to complete, and recovery usually takes six to eight weeks. 

However, you may not see the final results of the procedure for three to 12 months after undergoing surgery. You will also be given aftercare instructions to ensure you heal safely and get the results you’ll love. 

In some cases, more than one Lipo 360 session is necessary for patients to achieve their desired look. Your surgeon will discuss the number of treatments you may need, as well as your candidacy, recovery timeline, and the risks of liposuction, during your pre-treatment consultation. 

What to Expect for the Lipo 360 Procedure

You’ll be placed under general anesthesia on the procedure day before the treatment begins. On average, Lipo 360 surgeries last two to four hours, depending on your physiology and your body’s response. 

Once the treatment is complete, you can rest and recover in our luxurious, tranquil Recovery House, where our compassionate team will take care of your every need as your body heals and regains strength. Our focus on luxury and relaxation extends even to recovery, and this sets us apart from many other facilities. 

Here’s the part no one loves: Moderate to intense pain is common immediately after the treatment; it’s an invasive surgical procedure. Your pain level will diminish significantly within two to seven days after the procedure. You’ll also be given suitable and safe pain management options. 

As for recovery, many patients resume their normal activities within a few days after treatment, but downtimes do vary depending on the individual. It’s critical that you follow your cosmetic surgeon’s post-procedure instructions to the letter and avoid strenuous activities as your body heals.         

Benefits of Lipo 360

The primary benefit of 360 liposuction is the dramatic results the procedure yields. Because the Lipo 360 procedure focuses on the entire midsection rather than just a single area, the procedure creates a balanced physique proportional to the patient’s upper and lower body. 

By removing fat throughout the abdomen, the love handle area, and the mid/lower back area, the surgeon is able to sculpt beautiful curves in just a single liposuction session. 

What’s more, Lipo 360 can be combined with other procedures, such as the Brazilian Buttlift, to create a contoured midsection and ultra-curvy derriere in one all-inclusive surgical procedure. 

What Kind of Long-Term Results Can You Expect?

While any surgical procedure produces varying results depending on the individual, many patients notice dramatic figure improvements within three to six months. That said, you may require up to a full year before the final, long-term results of the procedure become evident. 

Here’s the best part: Your stunning, curvy new figure will last indefinitely! Of course, you should follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to avoid additional fat gain. But, once you fall in love with your new figure, you’ll likely have all the motivation you need to maintain it. 

If you’re curious about how Lipo 360 has helped other patients achieve their dream bodies, check out before and after pictures of some of our patients. They love their results, and we bet you will, too! 

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