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Targeted Liposuction With Liposuction Add-on Services

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  • Safely Combines With Other Treatments
  • Stunning & Permanent Results

Slim Problem Areas With Liposuction Add-on Procedures

Even if you work hard to lose weight or stay fit, for many people, there are always going to be problem areas. These areas of resistant fat refuse to get on board with the rest of your body when it comes to slimming down. We offer a liposuction add-on option to include targeted liposuction in these problem areas and help you get rid of unwanted fat.

We also use Smart Lipo, which gives you the benefit of liposuction without leaving you with sagging skin. Smart Lipo is a liposuction treatment that uses laser tightening to liquefy fat, making it easier to remove. The procedure gives you maximum results with less pain and an easier recovery.

We can add liposuction to any procedure. Whether you have unwanted fat deposits in your arms, chin, or inner thighs, we can help you get these trouble areas looking and feeling great.

Upload images of your problem areas for a free virtual consultation, and talk to our team about how our liposuction add-on can help you.

Add-On Liposuction Benefits

Add-on liposuction can help you achieve beautiful contouring in a number of areas on your body. You would be surprised at how significantly a little extra padding in one region of your body can impact your appearance.

We can target that area and get you looking and feeling your best once more. Our add-on liposuction can give you the body you desire!

Better Defined Arms

If you’ve ever had to give a presentation that required you to write on a board, you know the pain of flabby, saggy arm fat all too well. This unpleasant arm padding is one of the hardest areas to get into shape, despite countless hours at the gym.

Add-on liposuction can give you definition in the troubled underneath area of your upper arms, giving you back your confidence to look fabulous in strapless formal attire.

Slimmer Inner Thighs

Inner thighs can be a source of embarrassment when you hit the beach or the pool. We can target that fatty area on the inside of your thighs and give you a more sculpted appearance, so you can feel confident to sunbathe and draw only the best kind of attention.

A More Attractive Chin

If you’re one of the millions of patients who suffer from frustrating chin fat, you know that having extra fat under your chin can make you look more overweight than you actually are.

We can remove unwanted padding from underneath your chin, giving you a more defined jawline and stronger profile.

What to Expect With Liposuction

Your liposuction procedure begins when you add liposuction onto your treatment plan during your consultation with Dr. BBL. We will discuss areas of concern and help you decide the best way to achieve the results you are hoping for. We can add liposuction to any of our other surgical procedures.

After your liposuction surgery, you can recover in our spacious and luxurious Recovery House, where all of your needs will be met. After you go home, the initial healing process will take about six to eight weeks. You will begin to see permanent results of your liposuction within a few months.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your liposuction results may stay with you for the rest of your life.

Body Contouring & Liposuction Add-On Candidates

Your surgery consultation will help us learn if liposuction is a good match for your unique physiological needs. If you are between the ages of 18 and 55 and have a BMI of 32 or less, liposuction may be right for you. We will work with you to decide what treatments should be combined to achieve your desired look.

For some patients, the desired result may require two or three liposuction sessions. Dr. BBL will determine how many sessions you will require and help you understand what to expect from the liposuction process. We can also add on J-Plasma skin tightening to help you have tighter skin after the procedure.

Talk to our caring and skilled surgical team at Arijai to begin creating your ideal body. Message us for a free virtual consultation, or contact us at 952.435.0605 to set up a meeting with Dr. BBL and start the journey to a new you.

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