If you’ve spent any time hanging around the aesthetics sphere, you’ve probably heard the term PRP thrown around in at least a few circles. Some hail it as an anti-aging miracle, while others are still less than convinced that the blood-derived substance can really turn back the clock on an aging aesthetic. So what exactly is this PRP and is it really all it’s hyped up to be? The experts at Arijai Aesthetics have the details below.


What Is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for platelet-rich plasma, a naturally occurring component of human blood. Not a fan of blood? Hang tight—there’s more to this stuff than meets the eye.


Platelets, the primary component of PRP, are your body’s natural wound-healers. Any time you have an injury, whether you can see it or not, it’s your endogenously produced platelets that immediately get to work healing it. You’ve likely learned somewhere along the line that platelets are responsible for clotting, which is 100% true. However, what you may not have learned is that they also contain a number of critical growth factors and proteins that accelerate your body’s natural repair processes.


How is that relevant to aesthetics?


PRP is made by extracting platelets from normal blood through a process called centrifugation. During this process, platelets and plasma are separated from other blood components by mechanical revolution and aggregated into a highly concentrated substance. As a result of this extraction process, the naturally occurring proteins and growth factors present in platelets exist in extremely high quantities in PRP. Just as those substances naturally function to repair wounds, they can also function to repair and regenerate tissue damage caused by the normal aging process.  


PRP and Aesthetics: Can Platelets Turn Back the Clock on an Aging Body?

PRP treatments have been successfully administered for decades in the athletic sphere, where everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors has witnessed its inarguable ability to accelerate injury healing. As increasing numbers of medical practitioners began turning to the substance to improve injury outcomes, the aesthetics industry began trialing the substance for anti-aging—and the results, once again, were incredibly positive. They still are.


In terms of their regenerative abilities, platelet-rich plasma injections deliver inarguable results. Not only do they stimulate endogenous collagen production (which naturally begins to drop off in your 20s), but they also increase skin cell turnover. Essentially, PRP helps your body produce new skin cells at an accelerated rate while simultaneously ramping up production of the proteins that give your skin its structure, fullness, elasticity, firmness. So what kind of results can your skin expect? As with any aesthetic procedure, individual outcomes vary, but common results include:


●        Noticeably, tighter, fuller facial skin

●        Redness reduction

●        Reduced appearance of age spots, sun spots, and other forms of discoloration

●        Scar reduction

●        Improved skin tone and texture


Beyond its ability to revitalize and regenerate damaged skin cells, platelet-rich plasma is also well-recognized for its application in hair restoration. Just as the naturally occurring growth factors and proteins in PRP stimulate skin cell regeneration, they also stimulate regeneration of damaged hair follicles as they bind in the bulge area of the follicle.


When PRP is injected into the scalp, it not only encourages new growth within damaged follicles, but it also prolongs each hair’s natural growth phase. As a result, hair strand count, density, and thickness experience noticeable improvements; however, the results from the procedure require several weeks to manifest fully.


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