As you age, your facial skin gradually loses elasticity, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and various other visible signs of aging. Throughout your body, loose, wrinkled skin can make an appearance just about anywhere, especially if you’ve had children or lost substantial weight. To combat these unsightly skin changes, traditional cosmetic procedures like facelifts and tummy tucks offer impressive results—but what can you do if you prefer to avoid the surgery route? A revolutionary new treatment, J-Plasma skin tightening, provides instant results, but without the potential scarring and obligatory downtime associated with traditional surgical procedures. How does it work? Why should you try it? Arijai Aesthetics explains below.


What is J-Plasma?

J-Plasma is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure designed to reverse years of skin damage and signs of aging. Using helium gas and radiofrequency energy, the J-Plasma device stimulates instant tightening of subdermal tissues throughout each treatment area. This incredibly effective skin resurfacing technique uses a thin probe to precisely inject plasma beneath the skin’s surface.


What exactly is plasma?


To get a little technical, plasma is a state of matter (ionized gas), consisting of positively charged ions and free electrons. Why is that relevant? Because the injected ionized gas works to instantly tighten and smooth your skin. Radiofrequency energy combines with helium plasma to deliver precisely targeted heat beneath the surface of your skin. When the plasma stream interacts with your dermal tissues and subcutaneous fascia, the heat energy contracts the target tissues, giving the appearance of instantly tighter skin.


Skin Tightening For Your Entire Body

J-Plasma is more than just an alternative to a facelift; it works to tighten any area of your body that suffers from skin laxity. Have you had children and just can’t seem to rid yourself of that lower tummy pooch? Does your triceps area have a bit more loose skin than you’d like? Is your chin beginning to accumulate extra tissue, altering your facial profile? Wherever you have loose skin, the J-Plasma procedure can tighten it. Depending on your unique problem areas, our cosmetic dermatologist professionals will develop a customized treatment plan to address the following areas:


●        Face, chin, and neck

●        Arms, thighs, and knee area

●        Breast area

●        Abdominal area

●        Buttocks


Because J-Plasma is minimally-invasive, it is often combined with surgical procedures like liposuction to deliver dramatic results. However, if you prefer to avoid the downtime associated with more invasive procedures, J-Plasma alone delivers striking results.


Who Should Try J-Plasma?

Just about anyone with loose or aging skin should consider J-Plasma treatments! Because the procedure is minimally invasive, there is very little downtime afterward, and you won’t be nursing large incisions or altering your existing lifestyle significantly. Of course, you’ll need some rest and relaxation following the treatment, but that’s what our Recovery House is for! If you crave tighter skin, but the idea of surgery is wholly unappealing, this revolutionary procedure can deliver comparable results. Plus, unlike most skin tightening treatments, you won’t be waiting weeks to see a difference; you’ll notice substantial changes immediately.


Schedule Skin Tightening Treatments at Arijai Aesthetics

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