Are you dealing with fine lines, sun damage, scarring, or other signs of facial aging that you’d like to minimize? SkinPen microneedling may be the treatment you need. This minimally invasive, highly effective clinical skin care procedure is designed to rejuvenate the skin, increase skin cell turnover, and improve the overall appearance of your complexion.


Curious about what you can expect from this treatment? Check out some of the many benefits of microneedling below.


1. Heightens Collagen Production

SkinPen microneedling leaves micro-injuries in the skin, which immediately trigger your immune system to begin the healing process. As part of your body’s natural wound-healing process, your skin will produce more collagen to repair the micro-injuries. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin its strength and structure, so the more collagen your skin produces, the less noticeable any fine lines and wrinkles you have will be.


2. Helps Topical Products Work Better

Because microneedling leaves behind super tiny punctures, it allows moisturizers, serums, creams, and oils to absorb deeper into your skin. If you’re currently implementing an anti-aging skin care regimen at home, microneedling treatments will improve the effectiveness of your topical products. 


3. Improves Overall Skin Tone

Whether you’re struggling with age spots or hyperpigmentation from too much time in the sun, microneedling can help. Because the treatment significantly increases skin cell turnover, it helps improve the blotchiness, redness, patchiness, rosacea, and several other forms of discoloration. As your skin gradually regenerates itself, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your overall skin tone.


4. Minimizes the Appearance of Scarring

Microneedling naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production, which makes the treatment remarkably effective at reducing the appearance of scarring. If you’re struggling with acne scars from years past, SkinPen treatments can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your complexion.


**Unfortunately, microneedling cannot be used to reduce the appearance of keloid scars.


5. Causes Fewer Side Effects Than Chemical Peels or Laser Resurfacing

Many women and men turn to painful laser resurfacing treatments or chemical peels to minimize signs of aging, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. And while these treatments certainly deliver results, they also come with several side effects that typically require considerable downtime. That’s not the case with microneedling.


With SkinPen microneedling, you’ll notice results within 24-48 hours after you receive a treatment. Side effects include mild redness and discomfort, but these after-effects typically fade within a couple of days. Your skin may also experience slight peeling or flaking as it begins to regenerate itself, but unlike laser or chemical peel treatments, these side effects are almost always mild.


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