If you’ve stumbled across off-label cosmetic injectable treatments, you know people are using injectables outside of the areas they’re approved to treat. And although FDA approval is necessary for licensed injectors to use these products, that approval doesn’t always encompass all the potential uses of an injectable.


If you’ve thought about using a cosmetic injectable like Sculptra, Kybella, fillers, or Botox for an off-label treatment area, read on to find out whether it’s safe or even effective. 


What Exactly Does Off-Label Use Mean?

Off-label use of a cosmetic injectable simply refers to use of the product in an area that it’s not FDA-approved to treat. For instance, some people use Sculptra for cellulite reduction and others use Kybella to reduce fat on the back of their triceps. Since Sculptra is only FDA-approved for the face, and Kybella is only approved for reducing excess submental fat, using these products in any other fashion is considered off-label.


It’s important to note that an injectable’s lack of FDA approval for treating off-label areas doesn’t mean that it won’t work or that it’s inherently hazardous. It simply means that the product has not undergone clinical trials for a specific treatment area, so the FDA hasn’t yet approved it for that area.


For example, Restylane was initially FDA-approved to treat facial wrinkles and nasolabial fold lines, for which it’s highly effective. But the product is also very effective at adding volume to the lips, and cosmetic dermatologists used it off-label for years as a lip filler. In 2011, Restylane went back and got FDA approval for use in the lips, so today, injecting the product as a lip filler is an on-label use.  


Is Off-Label Cosmetic Injectable Use Safe?

In the appropriate situation, yes. Injectables are widely used for off-label treatments, but the experience and skill of the injector play a central role in whether off-label will deliver the desired result. That’s why working with the right cosmetic dermatologist or licensed injector is so important.


Which Off-Label Uses Actually Work?

Now for the best part: Where can cosmetic injectables be used outside of their approved treatment areas? The answer depends on the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and the product you’re looking to use. Some of the most popular off-label cosmetic injectable uses include:


●        Liquid rhinoplasty. The FDA hasn’t yet tested fillers or other cosmetic injectables for the nose, but liquid rhinoplasties are extremely popular. Products like Voluma, Juvederm, or Restylane can help improve the symmetry of the nose, but keep in mind they only provide a temporary solution.

●        Brow lift. Dermal fillers or Botox are highly effective at lifting and contouring the brow area, but these products aren’t approved for this particular use.

●        Cellulite reduction. Sculptra injections can help reduce the appearance of cellulite almost anywhere on the body, but the product is only FDA-approved for correcting facial volume loss.

●        Fat reduction. Kybella does an excellent job reducing submental fat, for which it’s FDA-approved. But the product can also help reduce stubborn fat in other areas of the body, including the lower tummy, bra bulge area, and the back of the arms. Kybella can also be used to reduce extra fat in the jowl area to reveal a more contoured jawline. 

●        Tear trough plumping. Dermal fillers can be injected into the areas around the eyes to plump up hollow tear troughs and give the appearance of a fuller, more youthful eye area.


Please note that the above list is far from comprehensive. If you have something you’d like to treat or improve and think an off-label use may be right for you, consult with a cosmetic dermatologist or injector who’s highly experienced in administering injectables in that area.


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