Every year on the first day of January, millions of people resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, and slim down. And while those resolutions are commendable and absolutely necessary for overall health, slimming down the traditional way takes time — and lots of it. And unfortunately, simply losing weight doesn’t always yield the figure you’re looking for.


Sometimes, you just want fast results, and that’s totally okay too. And if you’re in the market for rapid slimming results and well-defined curves, All-Inclusive Lipo 360 may be just the thing you’re looking for. Curious what sets this form of liposuction apart and whether it’s the right procedure for you? Read on to find out!


What Is Lipo 360? How Is it Different From Traditional Liposuction?

All-inclusive Lipo 360 is a unique form of liposuction that targets, slims, and improves the appearance of your entire midsection. It’s designed to create appealing curves in all the right places, which traditional weight loss alone may not be able to achieve. Even if you’ve already lost weight, you may be living with a boxier figure than you’d like. That’s what Lipo 360 is designed to correct.


So how is Lipo 360 different from traditional liposuction?


Traditional liposuction essentially focuses on fat cell removal alone. During a Lipo 360 procedure, on the other hand, a cosmetic surgeon not only focuses on removing fat cells but also on contouring and sculpting the midsection. This procedure extracts fat from the entire core area — the abdomen, obliques, and back — and reshapes the remaining adipose tissue into a curvier, more contoured silhouette.


What’s the Timeframe for Seeing Results from Lipo 360?

With a Lipo 360 procedure, downtime is relatively short with most patients finding they’re able to resume normal activities in several days. However, as with any surgical procedure, downtime and discomfort will vary from person to person, so it’s imperative that you follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions to a T.


As far as seeing results goes, most patients find they begin to see significant differences in their appearance between one to three months after the procedure. Everyone is different, though, so final results may take longer to see depending on your unique physiology. It’s also important to note that some patients require more than one Lipo 360 procedure to achieve the results they're looking for.

Why Would You Opt for Lipo 360 Over Diet and Exercise Alone?

It’s important to understand that simply losing weight may not give you the figure you’re looking to create. Weight loss — and where that weight loss occurs — is highly dependent on your genetics.


If you’re genetically predisposed to lose weight from your midsection at a slow pace, there’s very little you can do about that. Or, if your genetics dictate that you carry more adipose tissue around your core, you may not be able to achieve a curvy figure through diet and exercise alone.


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