If you’ve recently decided to opt for cosmetic surgery treatment, congratulations on the decision to choose the way you want to look and feel. Cosmetic surgery with Arijai is a decision that can be life-changing, giving you the confidence and personal empowerment you’ve been missing.


One of the most common questions we receive from patients before they arrive is what they should expect during their visit. Our team of compassionate and caring healthcare professionals works to make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout your stay at our treatment center. From the moment you arrive until you check out from our Recovery House, you’ll get the best possible treatment. Here’s what you can expect from start to finish when you visit Arijai.


1.      Your Initial Consultation

With a virtual consultation before your arrival, you can plan your visit from anywhere in the world ahead of time. Upload your images online along with your medical history. You’ll consult with our physician to discuss your goals. We will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, and then we’ll talk about expectations for your treatment outcomes.


2.      Arrival

If you’re traveling to our treatment center from out of town, we will arrange for transportation from the airport and accommodations when you arrive. From the moment you meet with Dr. Balgobin, you’ll feel welcome and well-received. We’ll discuss your treatment with you and answer any important questions you might have before the procedure.


3.      After Surgery

After your cosmetic surgery, you’ll relax in our all-inclusive Recovery House. In this comfortable and luxurious setting, you’ll be completely pampered while you recover from your procedure. You’ll experience around-the-clock treatment as well as personal assistance throughout your recovery.


4.      The Little Things

Sometimes, seemingly minor details can mean the difference between a positive recovery experience and an excellent experience. At our Recovery House, we’re all about attention to detail. You’ll dine on healthy menus designed to speed your recovery and help your body heal. We also offer nutritious snacks. And if you need transportation during your stay, we can help with that, too. We also offer movie nights for our patients.



Arijai Offers Professional and Compassionate Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve taken the first steps toward looking and feeling your best. Let us help you take the next steps on your journey to a better you. At Arijai Aesthetics, you’ll feel completely welcome from the moment you arrive, and we’ll see to all of your needs while you’re here.


From the first moment you share your treatment goals with our team, you’ll feel listened to and cared for. We believe patients are more than just patients. They’re also our guests, and it’s our job to make you feel welcome while you’re here. For your free virtual consult, upload your images online, or contact our office at 952.435.0605 to speak with a member of our team.