The quest for smooth, beautiful skin is a tale as old as time. In the Digital Age, great suggestions for applying beautiful cosmetics are all over the Internet. But too often, what looks great on a YouTuber gets lost in translation. If you covet the smooth-as-silk skin of influencers and vloggers but it seems to evade you, you might suspect there’s a trick to it. And your suspicions would be right.


You might be surprised to learn that the secret to smooth, beautiful skin is dermaplaning, a simple and painless skin treatment we offer at Arijai. Here’s how dermaplaning can create the ultimate smooth canvas for your makeup application.


Removing Your Peach Fuzz and More

Most of us have a layer of soft, fine hair that’s often practically invisible without a closeup view. This soft hair is called velus hair or vellum but is more commonly known as “peach fuzz.” Although many people don’t even think twice about this light layer of hair, genetics determine how much you have, and some of us have more or darker hair than others.


For those with thicker or darker velus hair that’s more visible, it can create self-consciousness. But even those with lighter, thinner vellum can find it makes their makeup application less smooth. And unfortunately, vellum is very difficult to remove with waxing because it is so thin and fine.


Introducing Dermaplaning

If you’ve never heard of Dermaplaning, it’s an advanced exfoliating treatment that clears off the outermost layer of your skin and facial hair. A licensed cosmetic dermatologist uses a medical-grade blade made from stainless steel to clear off that outer layer, creating a completely smooth surface.


Because dermaplaning removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, it also gives you a fantastic glow. Dermaplaning can also reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging like fine lines, especially when it’s used as part of a spa package. It’s a completely safe and painless treatment that pairs well with a variety of other treatments.


Consider combining dermaplaning treatment with any of these:


●        LED phototherapy

●        Sensitive peel

●        SaltFacial



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If you’re ready for smooth, beautiful skin, consider adding dermaplaning to your regular beauty regimen. It’s also a great way to refresh your look before a special event like a vacation, a romantic weekend, or a photo shoot.


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