If you’ve heard the hype about dermablading (also referred to as dermaplaning), you may have wondered why everyone seems to be positively raving about shaving their faces. But dermablading is far more than just a quick haircut for your peach fuzz. While this non-invasive cosmetic treatment does indeed do an excellent job of eliminating vellus hairs — the super tiny fuzz on your face — it does a whole lot more for your complexion than you might assume.


Let’s take a look at what you need to know about dermablading so you can decide whether the treatment is right for you.


What Is Dermablading?

Dermablading (aka dermaplaning or microplaning) is essentially a physical exfoliation treatment for the face. It involves the use of a sterile, surgical-grade scalpel, which a highly trained practitioner uses to gently remove vellus hairs from the face. Along with those hairs, the scalpel also removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells.


Since it’s those dead cells that can make the skin look dull and feel rough, removing them gives the complexion a more vibrant, youthful glow. It also improves skin tone and texture and allows the skin to better absorb any moisturizing and anti-aging products applied after the procedure is complete.


Who Can Benefit From Dermablading?

Just about anyone! However, if you have acne, dermablading may not be the best treatment for improving the appearance of your skin. Since a practitioner will gently scrape a very sharp scalpel along your face, that blade can easily nick a comedone (aka a pimple) and injure your skin.


Dermablading Pros and Cons

As with any cosmetic procedure, dermablading has both benefits and drawbacks. Before you schedule a consultation for treatment, you should know what to expect, so you can determine whether the procedure is right for you.


The Benefits of Dermablading Include:


●        The treatment is non-invasive and quick.

●        Dermablading requires no downtime whatsoever.

●        The treatment is safe for sensitive skin and all skin types.

●        Dermablading can serve to prepare the skin for other skin care treatments by exposing a fresh layer of skin cells. Essentially, it can make other skin care procedures more effective.

●        Treatments can be administered frequently to maintain results with minimal risk of side effects.


The Drawbacks of Dermablading Include:


●        Treatments must be repeated rather frequently to maintain results. If you’re looking for longer-lasting hair removal, there are better options (like laser hair removal).


●        It’s not the best hair removal procedure for patients with excessive male-pattern hair growth on the face (hirsutism). Since facial hair in these patients tends to be much coarser than vellus hair, dermablading isn’t an ideal treatment.


●        Patients with cystic acne or frequent breakouts shouldn’t get dermablading as it can cause further skin irritation.


Potential Side Effects of Dermablading

All skin care procedures (and even skin care products) have potential side effects. While you may not experience any issues at all after treatment, it’s important to understand that does have a few mild, short-lived, post-procedure side effects. They include:


●        Mild skin sensitivity after treatment

●        Potential for minor pimples in the treatment area a few days after treatment (they’ll go away quickly!)

●        Slight skin redness


After a dermablading treatment, it’s important to wear sunblock and stay out of the sun since your skin will be more sensitive to damaging UV rays. It’s also important to note that to minimize the risk of side effects, you should always have a trained and licensed practitioner perform your dermablading treatments. This really isn’t a procedure you should DIY at home.


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