If you struggle with aging, dull, sagging, damaged, or acne-prone skin, chances are you've tried multiple different treatments to address your skin concerns. And while many aesthetic procedures are capable of addressing these issues, some are better than others as comprehensive skin care solutions. At Arijai Aesthetics, we've found that dermalinfusion, a modern twist on the ever-popular microdermabrasion, is one of the most comprehensive skin treatments available today. If you haven't yet tried it, perhaps you should. What exactly does the procedure entail, and why should you consider it? Let's take a look.


What is Dermalinfusion?

Dermalinfusion combines exfoliation, extraction, and skin-nurturing infusions for a powerful 3-in-1 skin treatment designed to deliver outstanding results. Here’s how it works:


●        Using a specialized wand featuring custom diamond-tip exfoliators, we exfoliate away dead and damaged skin cells to resurface your skin.

●        The same wand simultaneously extracts impurities from your pores using a closed-loop vacuum system.

●        As the wand exfoliates and removes impurities, it also infuses your skin with condition-specific serums designed to address your individual skin concerns.


Dermalinfusion is unique in its ability to address skin issues around the delicate lip and eye areas. Most professional skin resurfacing techniques must avoid these sensitive areas as they are far too delicate for the majority of mechanical exfoliation treatments.


Dermalinfusion is also effective on virtually any area of the body to address a variety of skin conditions that may not necessarily affect facial tissue. The treatment can help address a wide range of skin conditions, including:


●        Fine lines and wrinkles

●        Acne and rough skin

●        Sun damage on the face and body

●        Hyperpigmentation

●        Stretch marks

●        Cellulite

●        Dryness, bumps, or discoloration on the arms or legs

●        Dry, cracking skin on the hands and feet


How Does Dermalinfusion Compare to Microdermabrasion?

Are you a fan of microdermabrasion? Or do you know someone who has experienced significant benefit from the treatment? If so, you may be wondering whether dermalinfusion is a comparable treatment in terms of results. The short answer? Dermalinfusion is better.


Both dermalinfusion and microdermabrasion produce controlled, mechanical exfoliation of the upper layer of your skin; however, that’s essentially where the similarities end.


Dermalinfusion is more consistent and precise in its delivery due to its unique vacuum pressure operation. Because the dermalinfusion wand gently pulls the uppermost layer of your skin into its chamber, the treatment does not rely on consistent pressure from the practitioner’s hand. Instead, the practitioner configures the wand to a specific pressure designed to address each skin condition.


Moreover, microdermabrasion does not extract impurities from the skin nor infuse the skin with rejuvenating compounds. The incredible results produced by dermalinfusion rely heavily on condition-specific topical infusions designed to cleanse, replenish, and hydrate the skin during exfoliation. As a result of dermalinfusion’s unique process, the treatment also stimulates increased lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove harmful toxins from each treatment area.


Should You Try Dermalinfusion?

In a nutshell—yes! Dermalinfusion addresses a wide variety of difficult skin concerns, for which many other treatments have minimal effect. Whether you have skin issues on your arms, legs, decolletage, back, stomach, or breasts, dermalinfusion can help restore vibrant, healthy skin. After treatment, you can expect to see 70% more volumized skin, so if you struggle with signs of aging or a sallow complexion, the procedure can drastically improve the appearance of your skin.


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