If you’ve been searching for a way to achieve plump lips, full cheeks, and smooth skin, dermal fillers are for you. Thanks to more recent advancements in cosmetic dermatology, we now have the ability to keep skin looking youthful and supple, without the need for invasive surgery. Since their inception, dermal fillers have gained enormous popularity among those looking to maintain their skin’s youth. However, these minimally-invasive treatments generally come with a sizeable list of questions and concerns. Below, Arijai Aesthetics discusses what you need to know if you’ve been considering treatments with dermal fillers.


Fillers and Botox Are Not the Same

Dermal fillers are not the same as Botox or Dysport. Fillers generally contain a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring compound found within the human body. Botox and Dysport, on the other hand, contain a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes facial muscles.


Today, most of the hyaluronic acid used in cosmetic applications is synthesized, but it continues to mimic the characteristics of naturally-occurring HA. Hyaluronic acid has an incredible capacity to store moisture, giving skin its plump, youthful appearance. However, as our bodies age, our natural production of HA begins to decline. To counteract the body’s’ diminishing production, we can inject HA to replenish natural stores, giving the appearance of supple, youthful skin.


You’ll See Dramatic Results in No Time

One of the main reasons dermal fillers have become so popular is their ability to provide near-instant results. In just a single visit, dermal filler injections work to add volume and minimize lines for up to six months, depending on the treatment area. The type of filler you choose will determine your timeline for noticeable results. Hyaluronic-acid-based fillers may elicit immediately noticeable changes, whereas collagen-stimulating fillers may require up to six months for full effect. Research has also found that hyaluronic acid injections may work to improve your natural collagen production, further promoting naturally youthful skin.


An Experienced Injector is Non-Negotiable

Many individuals considering dermal filler injections express trepidation about the procedure, primarily because they’re fearful of what they’ll look like afterward. No doubt, you’ve heard horror stories about fillers gone wrong, but you can certainly avoid becoming one of those stories by doing your research. In Minnesota, anyone can inject, but that absolutely does not mean that anyone can inject properly. If you want the best experience and results possible, it is imperative that you seek out a highly-trained and licensed professional. At Arijai Aesthetics, our highly-qualified aesthetic specialists have the experience you need to deliver the results you deserve.


Visit Arijai For the Youthful Skin You’ve Always Wanted

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