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Skin Invigorating SaltFacial From Arijai

  • Complete Exfoliation for Smoother Skin
  • No Downtime & Instant Results
  • Non-Invasive, Pain Free Skin Care

Is the SaltFacial Right for You?

Have you ever noticed how amazing your skin feels after a day at the beach? The sun’s UV rays combined with natural sea salt in the sand and water gently exfoliate your skin leaves your skin feeling healthy and invigorated. With a SaltFacial, we can give your skin the same incredible feeling you get after spending the day sipping mojitos by the ocean.

The SaltFacial is a completely non-invasive skin renewal therapy that resurfaces your skin. It works by combining natural exfoliation based on sea salt with cavitation ultrasound and LED light therapy. NASA has been using LED therapy for years for healing, and mainstream medicine is finally starting to get on board, using this technology to kill bacteria while increasing circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

The SaltFacial harnesses the healing powers of salt crystals, using phototherapy that works like photosynthesis does for plants to supercharge your mitochondria and help your cells absorb nutrients more readily. You’ll see visible results after only one treatment. Talk to our professional skin experts about how the SaltFacial can benefit your skin. This treatment pairs nicely with dermablading treatment.

Three Steps of the SaltFacial

The SaltFacial is applied in three steps for a relaxing experience with beautiful results. This completely pain-free process works for all skin types and requires no downtime.

1. Restore

The first step in the SaltFacial treatment is sea salt exfoliation. We use our SaltFacial applicator to evenly exfoliate your skin, purifying your tissue with completely natural organic sea salt crystals. This process removes the very outer layer of your skin evenly using a positive pressure system.

This allows us to achieve the maximum level of exfoliation without causing any swelling or unwanted side effects. Sea salt exfoliation helps your skin become more receptive to antioxidants while preparing your skin so that it can more easily absorb moisturizers and serums.

2. Replenish

The second step in the SaltFacial treatment is replacing vital nutrients your skin has lost over time. Today’s world contains countless harmful environmental factors that can take their toll on your delicate facial tissue.

We use ultrasound to deeply infuse your tissue with peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. With ultrasound technology, they will penetrate twice as deeply as they would if applied topically. This process creates healthier and more supple skin by stimulating collagen regeneration.

3. Rejuvenate

The final step in the SaltFacial treatment is LED light therapy treatment. We use the L’avantage multi-wavelength phototherapy module, which uses four different wavelengths to rejuvenate your tissue. The result is increased collagen production, which can improve the appearance of any skin type.

The SaltFacial phototherapy works to reduce inflammation and redness while smoothing out pigmented or damaged skin. Phototherapy is beneficial to a number of conditions including vascular lesions and acne.

The SaltFacial Sea Salt Benefits

Sea salt is all natural and works well with any skin type. It speeds up the healing process, making it a good match for pairing with other treatments. Organic sea salt has natural anti-inflammatory properties and works to provide relief for itchy or dry skin. It offers deep cleansing while opening up your pores.

Sea salt also reduces the oiliness in your skin, while at the same time, balancing your body’s oil production, creating an overall more even skin tone. It can improve your circulation, hydrating your tissue. It also works as a natural antiseptic, killing bacteria responsible for unpleasant acne and breakouts. Sea salt can also serious ongoing skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

What to Expect With the SaltFacial

Almost anyone is a great candidate for the SaltFacial. It works for anyone, regardless of your skin tone or type. Whether you have damage from the sun, stretch marks, acne, or other skin issues, the SaltFacial can help renew and refresh your skin. The SaltFacial is the perfect complementary treatment to a wide range of cosmetic treatments.

The SaltFacial is an alternative treatment that contains no harsh chemicals and is completely non-invasive, meaning you can expect no unwanted side effects. The SaltFacial immediately improves your skin tone, evening out your skin’s texture and color. That fresh-from-the-beach glow will stay with you for days after your treatment. Expect your skin to more readily absorb vitamins, nutrients, and topical skin products after your SaltFacial.

Our cosmetic dermatologist professionals at Arijai can walk you through the SaltFacial experience and give you the dreamy beach skin you’ll love. Visit us here for a virtual consultation, or contact us at 952.435.0605 to schedule your appointment for a SaltFacial treatment.

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