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PRP & Robotic Hair Restoration

Whether you’re experiencing male pattern baldness or are losing strands due to stress, hormonal changes, alopecia, or other causes, Arijai Aesthetics can help. We offer innovative hair restoration services and are happy to help you determine what’s best for you.

For robotic hair restoration, we offer the ARTAS® and the NeoGraft® – two highly effective, minimally invasive robotic hair restoration procedures that deliver permanent, natural results. ARTAS® and NeoGraft® hair treatments do not involve linear incisions, yield clinically superior results, and are performed as in-office procedures using local anesthetic only. These state-of-art hair restoration procedures rely on follicular unit extraction (FUE), which causes very little pain and leaves almost imperceptible scarring.

We also provide PRP hair restoration, which uses your body’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. Get started today with a free virtual consultation!

What Is Robotic Hair Restoration?

Both ARTAS® and NeoGraft® use minimally invasive follicular unit extraction (FUE) to harvest individual hair follicles from areas of the scalp rich in healthy follicles. Those follicles are then meticulously implanted into balding and thinning areas on the head in a natural distribution pattern to improve hair density and volume throughout the transplant area(s).

Unlike invasive, manual follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedures that harvest a strip of skin containing healthy hair follicles, FUE harvests singular follicles and is either partially or fully automated.

This not only lessens discomfort during the extraction and transplantation process but also reduces procedure time, increases graft survival rate, and minimizes post-transplantation downtime.

ARTAS vs. NeoGraft: What’s the Difference?

Both robotic hair transplants (ARTAS) and semi-robotic hair restoration (NeoGraft) use precision extraction and implantation to deliver remarkably natural-looking results.

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration

ARTAS® is a fully automated hair restoration procedure performed by a biomedical robot. It relies on artificial intelligence, advanced digital imaging, and 3D mapping to meticulously extract, analyze, and transplant healthy hair follicles.

Using software algorithms, 3D mapping, high-resolution cameras, and a robotic arm, the ARTAS device both plans and executes the hair restoration procedure. Because it’s fully automated, this method of hair restoration eliminates the potential for human fatigue and error associated with highly invasive, manual transplant procedures.

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

NeoGraft® hair restoration is a semi-automated procedure performed by a skilled hair transplant surgeon using a hand-held device. The procedure itself works almost exactly like fully robotic hair transplantation because it also uses follicular unit extraction.

However, since the growth direction of hair follicles isn’t always predictable, human judgment may be necessary to identify and address unexpected growth patterns. Because NeoGraft isn’t fully automated, it allows for human insight and cosmetic artistry that only an expert transplant surgeon can provide.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From Robotic Hair Restoration?

After undergoing ARTAS® or NeoGraft® hair restoration, you can resume your normal activities and hair care routine within approximately seven to 10 days. The grafted hairs will gradually begin to shed over a period of several weeks, and hair regrowth will begin to appear two to three months after the procedure.

It may take up to a year for your final results to become visible, and those results can last indefinitely. Because the transplanted follicles were harvested from areas of healthy growth, the new hair growth will not be susceptible to the pattern of thinning that originally occurred. Most patients enjoy fuller, thicker growth for many years after undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure.

It’s important to note, however, that while semi-automated and robotic hair transplants produce clinically superior results, they cannot stop the natural aging process. New hair loss can still occur over time after any hair restoration procedure.

What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a non-surgical hair restoration treatment that uses a patient's own blood to stimulate hair growth. It involves drawing a small amount of blood from the patient, processing it to extract the growth factors and platelets, and then injecting the concentrated solution into the scalp.

PRP has shown promising results in promoting hair growth and density, particularly in patients with androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness). It can also be used to improve hair transplant outcomes.

The procedure is relatively simple and minimally invasive, with little to no downtime or side effects. Patients may require multiple sessions over several months to achieve optimal results. Additionally, PRP therapy can be combined with other hair restoration treatments for even better outcomes.

Overall, PRP hair restoration is a safe and effective option for individuals looking to improve their hair growth and density without undergoing surgery. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment option, please speak with a qualified healthcare provider.

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If you’re interested in getting robotic hair transplants or PRP hair restoration and would like to learn more about the procedure and whether you’re a candidate, reach out to our team at Arijai Aesthetics! We offer free consultations to help you determine if semi-automated or robotic hair restoration is right for you and would love to help you experience dramatic hair regrowth results.

To learn more or set up an appointment, feel free to call us at 952.435.0605 or request a free consultation online, and we’ll get in touch to schedule you.

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